Our Humble Beginnings

The passion to hep children began in 2009, from a God given desire of Mrs. Jessie Tendayi.  She had watched the news coverage of children not getting gifts at Christmas time.  She decided to bring smiles to their faces by starting to buy them gifts every end of the year.  For Jessie, to rescue and make a child smile; is something that makes life worth living.

"Children" The Driving Force Behind Love For Children. . .

Jessie set out on a mission to make sure that each child received a gift. That mission developed into her becoming the founder of THE LOVE FOR CHILDREN Organization in 2013, with a desire to help children in every aspect of their lives. Jessie has worked for many years with children and through her endeavours she has learned that giving LOVE and HOPE are what make children smile.
The driving force behind this organization is for children to know that the difficult situations and obstacles they are currently facing should not define them, and it is not their destiny.

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Please give what you can and help Love For Children make a difference for children around the world.

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Love For Children is a Non-Profit Organization